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The Best Way for Startups to Boost Sales

Companies are more agile today than ever before. Shouldn't your sales team be as well?

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Never lose a winnable deal again

Welcome to AcquiSales! Our main goal is to assist Open Source startups convert their communities to paid customers.

We recognize the unique challenge OSS startups face - they need to convince people who are using their software for free to become paying customers. That's where we come in! We create specialized sales strategies that are custom-made for each startup's needs.

Our team is composed of seasoned OSS sales pros. They're committed to helping startups identify the perfect users for their software and understand what prompts these users to become buyers. Then, they design a repeatable buying process that is tailored to each startup.

But to us, sales are more than just transactions. We view them as partnerships. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients by offering top-notch customer service, clear communication, and showing them the tangible results of our work.

Our ultimate aim is to help startups flourish, regardless of the state of the market.

Why use an External Sales team?

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Our Services



We Research Accounts

Contact lists should be built, not bought. Our team of researchers specialize in building target contact lists that match your exact ICP (Ideal customer profile). We validate every email and phone before we hand them to your team!


We Find Opportunities

Our Sales Development team will reach out to qualified prospects and book meetings on your calendar! We engage prospects across all channels: Phone, Social, and Email. Leaving no deals on the table!


We Close Deals

Regardless of your company's size or stage, the odds are that you have difficulty hiring and retaining sales talent.  Let our full cycle team close business for you at the fraction of the price!

Home: Services

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